Remote Collaboration & Virtual Events

Remote Collaboration & Virtual Events is my graduation project I did with another student. This project is tailor-made for Boldly-XR. Boldly is a digital agency located in Breda, the Netherlands, focused on AR, VR, and MR. We shaped the customer journey and launched the new service.

We want to support businesses by giving them the possibility to collaborate remotely or host virtual Events using Virtual Reality as main tool.

Remote Collaboration & Virtual Events klantentraject

So how do we tease potential clients?

We will let potential clients experience an onboarding to Boldly through Augmented Reality. With this we want tot show the client what is possible with our service. We'll send a poster tot another company which guides the user to AR. In short: the client will make use of the interactive WebAR experience where key parts of the new service will be explained and shown.

The poster will change in a window in which you can see a 3D environment. These environments exist of rooms which are used in the service. So you will actually be in these rooms in VR when using our sevice.

Remote Collaboration & Virtual Events invitiation UI

What happens after the AR experience?

What happens after the AR experience? After the AR experience we want the company to get in touch with Boldly straight away. We communicate it is okay to call or email Boldly but the main emphasis is on a button which leads the user to a sign up form. With this form there will be scheduled a personalised introduction to Boldly and their services in form of a workshop.

Some answers are variable and are stored behind the scenes. With these variables the user will be shown a personalised invitation in a 3D scene. So the contents of this scene depends on the answers which you give. For example; the time and date will change and there could be VR goggles or AR devices laying around.

When meeting with the Boldly team all the details will be explained and a possible usecase/debriefing will be presented. Here the client will have the opportunity to start using Boldly's services.